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Two WA MAFS Faves Are Heading To Love Island And Awww Yeah

Not even gonna lie, even though they're kicking off in the New Year, we're already invested in Love Island and Bachelor in Paradise's Aussie spin-offs. 

And WA? Represent...

It seems two West Aussie Married At First Sight participants are giving reality TV another shot. Specifically, one of the Marsh twins, Sharon, and her pal Jonesy. 

A 'well-placed insider' confirmed the news to Now To Love

“Shaz and Jonesy were put through the wringer on MAFS,” the source apparently said.

“But Love Island sounded like a more casual way to potentially find a forever mate – and have fun doing so!”

While Sharon seems to give her on-screen hook-ups a real go once the cameras leave, it seems Jonesy may be in it more for the profile and a bit of fun. 

“This is just a laugh for him,” they said.

“He doesn’t think he’ll find anything for real on TV, but he’s not going to turn down a free trip to Spain with his best mate!”

I guess we'll soon see. 

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