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We Celebrate The Best Loved Up TV Couples On Our Screens

While some couples like to go out for fancy dinners, others like to spend V-day home, just Netflix and chillin'. 

What's more romantic than binge-watching your favorite on-screen couple fall in love.

From The Office's Jim and Pam to Meredith and Derek from Grey's Anatomy, there are a ton of beloved television couples to choose from.

Here's some of our faves... did we miss any?

Seth & Summer - The O.C

Chuck & Blair - Gossip Girl

Leo & Piper - Charmed

Meredith & Derek - Grey's Anatomy

Chandler & Monica - Friends

Turk & Carla - Scrubs

Eric & Donna - That '70s Show

Jim & Pam - The Office

Carrie & Big - Sex and the City

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