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Why Karl Stefanovic REALLY Disappeared From The Today Show

On Thursday you may have realised that Karl Stefanovic started the Today show in regular fashion, then half-way through, bizarrely, he was no longer there.

Instead he left his Channel Nine colleague Lisa Wilkinson with a replacement co-hosts, Richard Wilkins and Tim Gilbert.

Karl was last seen on air at 7.40am and then went missing, leaving fans wondering what the heck was going on.

“Why did Karl disappear halfway through this morning’s show?” one fan wrote on Today’s Facebook page.

“Where are you Karl?” asked another, “you seemed to have disappeared off screen”.

So… what happened?

It turns out his ‘abrupt’ departure from the show was actually a well-orchestrated plan to get him to the airport and off on a romantic getaway without the paparazzi being any the wiser.

The Sunday Telegraph revealed Stefanovic and his shoe-designer girlfriend are enjoying some romantic time in Bora Bora aboard the mega-yacht of Karl’s buddy, James Packer.

Source: news.com.au

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