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YAASS!! Queer Eye Season Two Is Coming!!

What a time to be alive!! We can confirm that Queer Eye's Season Two will be returning to Netflix!

Prepare your couches and living rooms, and make sure your fridge is fully stocked, for another fabulous binge session of Queer Eye.

A little birdy tells us that the cast will be in Sydney from June 6 - 9, but fingers crossed they can make the trip to Melbourne...

Queer Eye is back and ready to transform the stylistically challenged into hip and happening savants at the hands of the new Fab Five.

These fearless ambassadors of taste are about to embark on Queer Eye’s boldest crusade ever, bringing a message of encouragement and uplift to eight new heroes in season two.

This season, the Queer Eye Fab Five return to the Georgia heartland, forging connections with communities from a wide array of backgrounds and beliefs often contrary to their own, touching on everything from self-love and faith, to immigration and how to make the perfect homemade poke bowls and more!

Queer Eye Season Two launches globally on Netflix June 15, 2018.

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