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Does Kylie Jenner's Latest Insta Reveal Her Boob Job Scars?

It's not the first time Kylie Jenner has been accused of going under the knife - and it certainly won't be the last - but the reality star's latest Instagram post has sent fans into a tizzy.

The photo is one of four from a Barbie-themed shoot for Flaunt Magazine and Kylizzle has gone all out; from her long, blonde platinum wig to her shiny limbs, the whole thing is obviously supposed to look fake.

But some eagle-eyed 'grammers have spotted what looks like scar in one particular shot - namely, a scar from a breast augmentation.

life in plastic it's fantastic 😛

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

The caption, "life in plastic, it's fantastic" has only added fuel to the fire, with many commenters taking it as confirmation from Kylie herself that she's had a boob job.


We're not so sure though; it could easily be a shadow or a stick-on bra, no?

Kylie has vehemently denied having plastic surgery - although, to be fair, she did the same about her lip fillers before eventually admitting the truth - but has said that she wouldn't rule it out in the future.

"Truth is, as I've gotten older, I've gained 15 pounds and my body has changed; I've definitely filled out," she said in 2015.

No doubt we'll get some sassy AF clapback via Kylie's Snapchat shortly.

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