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Guy Sebastian Just Made A HUGE Mistake

Well, this is awkward.

Guy Sebastian may be one of our best singers but it seems drawing from memory is not his greatest skill.

The 33-year-old has made an embarrassing blunder on Channel Seven’s Behave Yourself by forgetting the logo of Japanese car company, Toyota.

As an ambassador for the company, he was unable to remember the distinctive ’T’ during a drawing challenge on the episode.

Alongside comedian Claire Hooper, the Battle Scars singer hesitantly revealed his version of the trademark sign to the studio audience.

Guy was red-faced by his efforts and admitted it was 'terrible' he couldn't remember Toyota's logo considering their business relationship.

Guy said I’m an ambassador for Toyota... this is terrible,' to which Darren McMullen said 'Mate, this could cost you a lot of money,'

Behave Yourself airs Tuesday night on Channel Seven at 7.30.

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