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Here Are The Shows Australia Has Binged The S*** Out Of

While you probably say it all the time, the phrase ‘binge-watch’ was only included into the Collins English Dictionary in November 2015.

Yep. It’s not even officially three years old, yet here we are, bingeing our on-demanding hearts out.

Netflix gets it and, along with pulling the ol bait ‘n switch on us with their clever new ad, they’ve released the Top 10 list of the shows we first binged the hell out of...

1. Orange is the New Black

2. Stranger Things

3. Narcos

4. Vikings

5. Suits

6. House of Cards

7. 13 Reasons Why

8. Gossip Girl

9. Jonah from Tonga

10. The 100

They also revealed that, on average, new Netflix users take 12 days to start their first binge and that the majority of Netflix members take just 3 days to finish a season.

There’s also a hack to find what your first binge was. Select ‘viewing activity’ on your Netflix account page and scroll all the way (wayyy) down and there it will be.

Netflix reckon that 35 percent of people rewatch their first binge, so I guess it’s Mad Men again for me this weekend.

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