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Home & Away Actor Appears In Court After Alleged Assault

A former Home & Away actor who allegedly broke a female police officer’s nose in a drunken assault after refusing to leave a Darling Harbour bar has offered a court an apology.

A New South Wales Police spokesperson said aid Irish actor Keiren Noonan, 32, became “intoxicated” while drinking at the promenade on Saturday and later refused to leave.

He confronted by plain-clothes officers and is alleged to have got into a ‘physical altercation’ with both.


The Cork-based actor has now apologised for the alleged assault before his legal aid lawyer cut him off.

Noonan said via video link “I would just like to say I’m really apologetic for what happened. “I would never hit anybody especially not a female police officer.”

He was then stopped by his legal aid representative who said: “Mr Noonan if you could refrain from talking on the public record that’s in your best interest”.

He has been released on bail.

He is best known for playing ‘Spike’ on Home & Away for five episodes.

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