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How Margot Robbie Got Her Big Break Will Shock You

For the first time, director Martin Scorsese has revealed exactly how Margot Robbie got her big break.

As Australians, we first heard of Margot Robbie in 2008 when the baby-faced blonde stepped into the role of Donna on Neighbours.

She played Donna for two years before catching her big break in 2013 playing Naomi Lapaglia in the hollywood smash hit, Wolf of Wall Street.

As this was her first big role, Margot had to do something outrageous to stand out of the crowd and get Mr Scorsese’s attention.

“She clinched her part during our first meeting — by hauling off and giving Leonardo DiCaprio a thunderclap of a slap on the face, an improvisation that stunned us all,” Mr Scorsese recalled.

A completely out of the blue, show stopping audition that, although unconventional, has paved the way for Ms Robbie’s recent Hollywood success.  

Mr Scorsese goes on to tell Time “Margot is stunning in all she is and all she does, and she will astonish us forever.”

Once her boss, now her biggest fan.

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