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Is That The Pitter Patter Of Little Feet For Adele?

Alright, we are going to preface this by saying we know that OK! Magazine isn't the most solid of sources. 

However, give us a moment to explain. 

"Friends" of the songstress claim that Adele is actually in the early stages of pregnancy with her second child. 

So instead of rescheduling her final couple of shows, she cancelled them for good and offered her devoted fans refunds. 

While she officially claimed 'vocal cord' issues as the reason, could it also be that the doctor has ordered the singer to rest up and that later shows would perhaps infringe to much on the later stages of pregnancy? 

London / Wembley Stadium / Jun 29

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Adele and hubby Simon Konecki are parents to four-year-old Angelo and the singer has been open about how she wants to expand her brood sooner rather than later. 

In October last year while performing, the 29-year-old admitted to the audience that as her son grew older she was getting clucky again.

“My son is about to turn four very, very soon. I’m starting to get very emotional about it because I feel once they turn four, they’re not really your actual baby anymore,” she said.

“So, my womb is starting to ache a little bit. It’s like, ‘Baby, baby, baby. Need a baby, need a baby.’”

So while we are taking the magazine’s ‘confirmed reports’ with a grain of salt, there could be some truth there.

“It’s all about prenatal care, resting and playing with Angelo before the sibling comes,” a ‘source’ told the magazine.

“Doctors have urged her to rest up in order for the pregnancy to be a success. She is super happy with her decision and so is Simon.”

Adele has also been unusually quiet on social media since cancelling her final two shows.


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