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'A Genuine Horror Show': Stranger Things 2 Reviews Are IN

The highly-anticipated second season of Stranger Things, the Netflix hit which came out of nowhere in 2016, is merely days away from its official release.

If you haven’t seen season one, the following will completely spoil it. You’ve been warned.

Season one ended with Will being rescued from the ‘Upside Down’, an alternate dimension, by his mates Mike, Lucas, and Dustin.

(We also lose Barb to the Upside Down #neverforget)


Their other mate, ex-government lab rat with psychokinetic abilities (and Halloween outfit fave), Eleven, disappears while trying to protect her friends from the Upside Down’s Demogorgon monster.

It seems the monster is defeated.

But in the last scene, we see Will cough up a rank slug-like creature, which slides down the bathroom sink drain.

So we know that something’s up.

Preliminary reviews have started to filter through, and not gonna lie, we’re heckin’ pumped.

Here’s what they’re saying…

Alan Sepinwall, Uproxx: “The whole thing could very easily fall prey to all the worst symptoms of sequelitis, but despite some bumps along the way — one bad storytelling choice in particular — ‘Stranger Things 2’ largely justifies its existence. The first season’s epilogue left me with no interest in returning to this world, yet I had an enormous smile on my face for a lot of the new episodes, and particularly the last two, which turn out to be a tighter and more exciting climax than we got last time around.”

Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone: “The new season is darker – it’s a genuine horror show – but it still has that same emotional power and a mundanely empathetic sense of grief and loss…Everybody in this story has seen people die or disappear for no good reason, and no matter how bravely they search for answers, sometimes the answers don’t come. That’s the real power of ‘Stranger Things’ – once you come into contact with the monsters, even if you escape from the Upside Down, you might not be able to come all the way back home.”

Ben Travers, Indiewire: “‘Stranger Things 2’ is big. Everything about it is big. Its story is big, its emotions are big, its music cues, homages, and characters are all big, big, big. With an additional episode, a handful of new faces, more money in the budget and inflated ideas to match, the sequel season to Netflix’s breakout original series is a conscious move to broaden its scope and lengthen its story. Season 2 takes a while to get going, and there are more growing pains other than additional setup, but the first season’s lively spirit perseveres for a largely thrilling adventure that’s hard not to enjoy.”

Stranger Things 2 will have nine episodes, one more than the eight eps of season one.

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