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Justin Bieber Has Unleashed On The Australian Press As Jonah

Justin Bieber has unleashed a tirade at the Australian press in a truly unique way.

Instead of going on one of the usual rants, he has instead undertaken the role of Jonah from Summer Heights high.

In a clip posted to his own Instagram, Bieber showcases Channel 7 footage which shows him allegedly swearing at the press.

However, Bieber dismisses the swearing saying he is saying ‘puck you miss’.

His clip then splits to a caption asking ‘’will you apologise to the camera man, to which Bieber says ‘’Sorry Ben, I was doing it for fun, you just didn’t get it was fun.’

The video ends with Bieber asking if the reporter Amy, ‘was on her period’ which is one of Jonah’s most famous quotes.

Bieber is playing in Sydney this evening.

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