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Kids Entertainer Peter Combe Is Doing An Over 18's Gig

During the 80's and 90's kids entertainer Peter Combe played a big part in the childhood's of thousands of Aussie kids!

Songs like 'Newspaper Mama' 'Juicy Juicy Green Grass' and 'Wash Your Face In Orange Juice' were huge for kids, and not too annoying that even parents could appreciate them.

And now that his first wave of fans are all grown up, Combe has decided to reconnect with them by playing some over 18's shows.

He's announced he'll be playing shows in Melbourne and Canberra at 'big kids' venues as part of his main tour playing to his regular crowd of actual kids who aren't old enough to buy booze yet!

If you're interested in catching his pub shows or taking the kids to the more child friendly shows, check out his website: petercombe.com.au

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