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Leonardo DiCaprio The Centre Of The World's 'Biggest Fraud'

Leonardo DiCapiro is being urged to step down from his role as UN Messenger of Peace, with a focus on climate change.

At a press conference in London, rain forest charity Bruno Manser gave the 41-year-old actor an ultimatum; cut ties with alleged multi-billion dollar embezzlers 1MDB or relinquish his role with the United Nations.

'If DiCaprio is unwilling to come clean, we ask him to step down as UN Messenger of Peace for climate change, because he simply lacks the credibility for such an important role,' said the director of the Swiss charity, Lukas Straumann.

It comes after an investigation as launched to find out the whereabouts of $3.5 billion that was ‘misappropraiated’ from the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund between 2009 and 2015, in what has been dubbed the world’s largest embezzlement case.

A court filing alleges that some of the money has found its way into DiCaprio’s pocket through his film and charity work.

The actor is not named in the 136-page complaint but is referred to as ‘Hollywood Actor 1’.

DiCaprio’s drinking partner and Malaysian businessman Jho Low, 35, is accused of spending more than a billion dollars of the money himself.

Low is accused of using that cash to buy bottles of champagne at a Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation fundraiser for the actor's birthday back in 2013.

Also under investigation is the purchase of $39million Hollywood Hills mansion that is located a few doors down from DiCaprio’s house.

Also under investigation is Riza Aziz, the stepson of the Malaysian Prime Minister, who is accused of receiving millions of dollars syphoned off from the fund.

Aziz owns production company Red Granite Pictures which helped to bankroll DiCaprio's 2013 film Wolf of Wall Street, in which he plays a corrupt financier - a performance which earned him an Oscar nomination.

Di Caprio has not commented on his involvement.

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