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Magazine Publisher To Fight Rebel Wilson Again

Rebel Wilson's legal team are returning to court to fight an appeal by the magazine publisher found to have defamed the Hollywood star.

Bauer Media, which publishes Woman's Day and Australian Women's Weekly, defamed the Fat Pizza actress in a series of articles in 2015 that painted her as a serial liar about her age, real name and childhood.

Following a Supreme Court of Victoria trial last June, Justice John Dixon said Bauer Media wrongly damaged Wilson's "reputation as an actress of integrity".

He ordered them to pay the 38-year-old a record $4.5 million in damages - $650,000 in general damages and $3,917,472 in special damages.

Justice Dixon said a substantial amount was required to vindicate the star.

Bauer shortly afterwards announced it intended to appeal the payout figure, and the case goes before three judges in the Court of Appeal on Wednesday.

The publisher will challenge the finding that a "cap" on general damages does not apply because there was an award of aggravated damages.

Bauer also plans to argue the general damages award is excessive compared to other mass media defamation payments.

In addition, Bauer will challenge the finding that Wilson needed to be compensated for film roles she claimed to have lost as a result of the publications, claiming there's not enough evidence.


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