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'People Need To Get A Life': MAFS' Lauren SLAMS Show Editors

After admitting that she had been in a lesbian relationship in the past, viewers' perception of the seemingly-innocent Lauren had completely changed.

But, how much of it was real?

From admitting to being in a lesbian relationship in the past to expressing her desire to be sexually-dominated and engaging in swinging and threesomes, we saw Lauren in a completely different light. 

However, in a recent Facebook comment obtained by members of a MAFS Facebook group, Lauren Huntriss has slammed the show for making her look like "nothing but a deadset nympho!" 

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Over the past few days, the show's promo's have revolved around Lauren's 'revelation' and Matthew's stunned (literally) reaction. In last night's shocking episode, her groom then revealed he was no longer attracted to Lauren after learning she wanted a 'dominating' husband. 

the makeup artist claims that she was "clearly joking about the threesomes and swinging" and never judges people on "their previous experience". 

Lauren has also slammed the show producers and editors for making her admit to being a lesbian. 

"I never used the word 'lesbian', I initially said 'I used to see women because I hated men when I was 18-20 due to something personal'," she wrote in a Facebook comment. 

"It wasn't dramatic enough so the producer made me say the word 'lesbian'. To clarify I never was a lesbian, I had sexual experiences when I was 18."

She ends her comment urging people to "get a life and stop believing all the bullsh*t you watch and read." 


In response to Lauren's 'admission', a shy Matthew responded: "I don't know what to ask now... I really don't know."

However, his lack of enthusiasm to find out more on Lauren's sexuality left her upset. 

"The fact that I have had feelings and relationships with girls definitely shocked Matt. He wouldn't talk, he just shut down. I'm not impressed to be honest, he should have a thousand things to ask me."

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