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Masterchef At The Centre Of A Big Cheating Scandal

Masterchef courted some controversy this week as a professional chef was accused of cheating during an immunity challenge.

Viewers watching Tuesday night’s episode saw how Sarah battled it out with Paper Daisy’s Ben Devlin to ensure that she would remain in the competition.

During the intense round, Sarah picked two core ingredients, prawn and shrimp paste, for both of them to 'hero' in their dishes.

"The key thing about today is making sure the shrimp paste is featured heavily in my dish, or that the shrimp paste doesn’t overpower anything," she explained to the cameras. 


With her Malaysian heritage giving Sarah confidence, she chose to flame grill the fresh produce…

It impressed her rival so much that he amended his own dish to mirror hers.

This resulted in Devlin winning the round by one point, with the judges praising him for the subtle scorched flavours he served up.

“You know what? It’s the sort of dish that you look at, you taste, you eat and you go, ‘Wow. How clever is the person that cooked that?’” George Calombaris exclaimed.

Fans have been left furious, with one saying ‘Sarah should have won the immunity pin. The pro chef stole her idea for grilling the prawns’

Another said ‘Sarah got ripped off. He cheated by copying the cook method. Take 2 points off.’

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