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Matty J Made A MASSIVE Error On The Bachelor Tonight

On tonight’s episode of the Bachelor there was an absolute disaster of a date between Florence and Matty J.

And we mean, it was hell on earth.

For some reason, Florence turned into a control freak who wouldn’t even hold his lovely supple hands around her friends.

She scared him by saying he should be scared and just.. well did everything wrong.

And, then we need to the part of the show where Matty was sat talking about Florence coming from the Netherlands and how he loved London when he lived there but after a couple of years just wanted to come home..

Well, it lead to Flo’s friend basically saying that you never know where you will end up..

And gee old mate Matty wasn’t happy about that was he, basically ending the conversation and heading back to the world’s worst date.

But let’s face, it’s a bit offensive to the Netherlands.. a tiny bit.

But see ya Flo, you gotta go (I love a rhyme).

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