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Missing Woman Wasn't Missing, She Was On The Bachelor

As you can imagine, contestants of The Bachelor are pretty limited on what they can and can’t say about their involvement on the show.

In Rebekah Martinez’s case, it seemed she took her contractual obligations so seriously, her own family thought she was missing.

The story went like this: Rebekah’s mum said that on November 12, her daughter called her using a friend’s mobile phone saying she was “going to work on a marijuana farm and would see her in seven to eight days," a statement from the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office read.

On November 18, her mum filed a missing person report and after officers unsuccessfully tried to reach her, the case was turned over to the criminal investigations division.

The thing is, while she hadn’t posted to social media since September 17, activity had resumed, and continued to do so, four days after she was reported missing. The gap in activity being that she was, presumably, filming.

But yet Rebekah remained a missing person, even featuring as one of "The Humboldt 35", published by Humboldt County's North Coast Journal.

After the article was posted to Facebook, readers were quick to point out that not only was Rebekah not missing, but was Top 10 contestant Bekah M on The Bachelor.

She has since been removed from the list, but Rebekah is yet to explain the confusion directly.



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