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78 Records Announces Closure And Perth Isn't Coping

After nearly 50 years, one of Perth’s beloved music institutions, 78 Records, is calling it a day.

They made the announcement on social media on Monday afternoon that their last day of trading will be March 3, 2019.

“This decision is due to the current economic and retail climate, and a substantial increase in streaming services at the expense of physical product,” the post by Andrew “Fang” de Lang read.

“We thank all our customers, past and present, for their patronage; indeed we have enjoyed those 47 years of commitment and devotion to the cause of music.

“It has been a pleasure to have played a considerable and significant part in the WA music retail industry since 1971.”

The reaction across Perth has been a mix of sadness, disbelief and, of course, nostalgia.

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