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96FM Salutes Rock Legend Bon Scott With 1-Hour AC/DC Special

It's 38 years since we lost the passing of rock legend, AC/DC lead vocalist and Fremantle local hero, Bon Scott.

It is also the 10th anniversary of the Bon Scott statue installation.

To mark the anniversary, this Sunday, 96FM will present a one-hour special of the music that put AC/DC on the map.

We’re talking your standard classics like Long Way To The Top, Highway To Hell and TNT – but we’re also including the lesser-played Big Balls, The Jack and Girl’s Got Rhythm.

Want one better?

Then black-out the entire month of February.

Not only will Fremantle open up for ‘Bonfest Freo’, a festival featuring 13 events across 19 days celebrating the legacy of Bon Scott, it’s the four-day weekend (February 15 – 18) that AC/DC fans simply cannot miss.

96FM’s one-hour AC/DC special from 8am, Sunday, February 4.

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