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Dave Grohl Play "Come Together" Rockin'1000

Last week the Foo Fighters performed in Cesena, Italy in response to a viral video of 1,000 people, known as the Rockin'1000, simultaneously performing the Foos' 1999 single "Learn to Fly" in order to convince the band to play their city.

After the show, Dave Grohl joined a few members of the Rockin'1000 for an impromptu jam session, which included a cover of The Beatles classic "Come Together." You can watch a clip of the jam now on YouTube.

In the video, Grohl, who's recovering from breaking his leg over the summer, can be seen standing up and playing guitar. At one point, someone yells "Solo!", and Grohl happily obliges.

The original Rockin'1000 "Learn to Fly" video was released in July, and has since racked up over 26 million views on YouTube.

Foo Fighters are currently on tour through Europe.

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