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INXS: Two Dueling Documentaries

It appears that there are two Michael Hutchence documentaries in the works.

One of them , just announced is being produced by a partnership that includes Universal Music Group, with the blessing of longtime INXS manager Chris Murphy and the band itself.

The project is directed by Australian filmmaker Richard Lowenstein, who goes way back with the band, having helmed the "What You Need" video, among others.  Lowenstein calls this work "the definitive documentary film journey into the heart and soul of this complex, shy, poetic and exceptionally charismatic man." The film is expected to be ready late next year, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Hutchence's death on November 22nd.

Just two weeks ago, a competing documentary was announced that's expected to focus only on the singer's later years. That one is under the auspices of Australian recording studio owner Ron Creevey, who says he has rights to documentary footage of Hutchence. California-based music producer Danny Saber, who worked with Hutchence toward the end of his life, is also involved.

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