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Molly Meldrum To Launch Aussie Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

With a long and proud musical history in Australia there is some great news when it comes to celebrating our rock and roll artists with the launch of our very own Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Australian Music Vault will open at the Arts Centre in Melbourne next month, and Aussie music pioneer Molly Meldrum is very proud to be associated with it's inception.

Molly says the exhibition will help some of Australia's biggest artists receive recognition  recognised.

Costume worn by AC/DC guitarist Angus Young, c.1973 Arts Centre Melbourne, Performing Arts Collection #australianmusicvault @acdc

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'We've been fighting to make this happen for a long, long time, so it's brilliant it's finally about to open,' Molly told the Herald Sun 

The music 'vault' is a free exhibition which will allow music fans the chance to see classic pieces of Oz rock memorabilia.

Molly continued, 'Obviously it's going to have items from some of the best Australian artists of the past and the present, but I feel like it will inspire people.'

'I want people to walk in, take it all in and go 'OK, these people did that, now what can I do?''

Items on display include AC/DC guitarist Angus Young's school uniform, Kylie Minogue's gold hotpants and the tunic worn by Divinyls singer Chrissy Amphlett.

Other artists including Nick Cave, Silverchair, Midnight Oil and Paul Kelly have donated items to the exhibition.

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