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9 Things You Didn't Know About Killing Heidi's Ella Hooper

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Our line-up is all-Australian, James Reyne, Kingswood, Thristy Merc, Daryl Braithwaite, and getting back together just for us… Killing Heidi!

Not only are the acts totally 90s, the ticket prices are also straight out of the 90s.

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Despite Ella Hooper from Killing Heidi being one of our quintessential 90s poster girls, we found nine things we didn’t know about her… 

1. Her first CD

Was American Thighs by alternative rockers Veruca Salt.

2. Ella and her brother Jesse were 13 and 15 respectively when they played their first gig

Their performance included two original songs Ella had written. It was those tracks that won them their section after they submitted them to Triple J’s Unearthed.

They were also still at school when their material was being played on national radio

3. The name ‘Killing Heidi’ came from two separate lists

One was a list of ‘harsh’ words, from which they picked ‘Killing’. The other was a list of ‘soft’ words, from which ‘Heidi’ was selected.

In 2015, Ella said the name was "a play on the end of innocence and embracing imperfection"… and they needed something to put on their Unearthed entry form.


4. Ella and Jesse’s parents were, in a word, terrified

Shortly after signing their first record deal, the brother and sister pair moved to Melbourne.

"Mum and dad were kicking themselves that they let us move to the city and get involved in this crazy rock 'n' roll,” Ella previously told Fairfax.

“They could see how much it was stressing us out and thought they should have stopped us."

5. In 2001, Ella made Australian history

When the Australian Performing Rights Association named Ella and Jessie songwriters of the year, no female in APRA’s 75-year history had previously been named Songwriter Of The Year.


6. Ella reportedly had a fling with one of the Good Charlotte lads

When the American pop-punk band toured Australia in 2001, Hooper had hooked up with the guitarist Benji Madden.

"He's the only famous person I've ever really 'hung out' with,” she told Fairfax in 2004. “If we lived in the same country, who knows?"

7. In March 2011, she released her version of On The Inside 

Yep, the theme song to Prisoner.

8. Ella is a self-confessed vintage tragic

Near where she grew up is the Dookie Emporium, which she describes as the “crème de la crème” of op-shops.

"I love old clothes and I'm a fan of kitsch… I love pillboxes and bonnets.”

Ella has been known to come away from the emporium with a pair of antique sailor pants… and a moth-eaten silk blouse full of holes because she “had to have it”.

9. She feels like a bit of a dill when dancing on The Big Music Quiz

Hooper has admitted “they feed you a lot of wine… that’s part of the deal”.


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