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New Photos Of Margot Robbie With No Hair & Pock-Marked Skin

You know how when a girl is SO gorgeous that other people say, "Oh she could wear a bin bag and still look amazing!"?

Well these new photos of Margot Robbie on the set of Mary, Queen of Scots are proof, once and for all, that it does not matter how beautiful you are, you can have a bad day.

Shocking photos of the Aussie actor dressed for her role as Queen Elizabeth I first dropped last month, with thick white make-up and a frizzy, balding red head rendering her almost unrecognisable.

But these new pictures are even more jaw-dropping, if that's possible; HOW is this the same person?!

Margot's obviously making her way through a few wigs, though, switching between close-to-no hair and a ginger curly 'do that's giving us serious Queen of Heart from Alice in Wonderland vibes.

The dress though! We're predicting an Oscar nomination for the wardrobe department for this one. The attention to detail is INSANE.

Mary, Queen of Scots is due for release next year but it cannot come quick enough.

We need to see Margot in action!

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