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One Of The Bachelor Girls To Face Court

She has already been all over the news thanks to the photos of her topless at a buck’s party. And now, more of Simone Ormesher’s past has been revealed.

The 25-year-old will face court in August after borrowing her friend’s car, according to NW Magazine.

Nyssa Large said that after Ormesher used her car, she noticed more than $4,000 worth of fines had been racked up in her name.

"She borrowed my car, wouldn't give it back, and then racked up a whole lot of [tolls] and parking fines and never paid them," Large said. 

The drama comes a couple of days after it was revealed Ormesher had been working as a topless waitress under the name ‘Katie’.

The Manchester-born stunner initially told Daily Mail Australia on Friday that she wasn't embarrassed about her past activities. 

However, she seemed to have changed her tune over Instagram on Saturday, thanking her loved ones for their support after the salacious photos were made public.

"When the news first came to light I felt ashamed, embarrassed and just wanted to jump into my bed [and] cry uncontrollably, pull my blankets over my head [until the] thing blew over," she wrote as she praised people for being "so loving, caring and supportive" of her in light of the news.

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