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Selma Blair Drove Away With The Petrol Pump Still In Her Car

EVERYONE has their bad days, but 90s favourite Selma Blair copped a fair whack on Friday that left her in tears - and $500 out of pocket.

The Cruel Intentions actress spilled the beans in an Instagram post that documented how her day got off to a frankly terrible start and, well, just kept getting worse.

"I drove away from a gas pump with the nozzle still in," she said, still crying. "And then I paid for the broken pump, so that was over a $500 tank of gas."

As you would, Selma admitted that the mistake left her feeling "awful for being so absent-minded" and so promptly "burst into tears in front of the barista after ordering and made everyone uncomfortable."

On top of that, she was "chastised for wearing fur" which was "weird, cause it was teddy bear fur" (can't say we've ever had that one, Selma) and ran out of dog food - "and Excedrin".

"My head is still pounding. Can I have someone say this will pass?" she asked.


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