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Sophie Monk Has Made A HUGE Revelation Ahead Of Bachelorette

We will see her make her debut on The Bachelorette next week and Sophie Monk has already revealed some big news about the show.

The former Bardot singer has revealed that she is definitely in love thanks to the show and is even thinking about babies.

Monk told NW magazine that she has found ‘the one’ and has already started talking about having children.

'I'm fully in love and I'd love to have my own [kids]...I think in a year maybe ,' Sophie said. 

When asked about how many babies she wants, she responded 'We'll start with one and see how it goes!'

That said, Sophie did reveal that an engagement is not imminent. 

'I've done that before [made a fast commitment] before and it burns out too quickly. You need everything to settle.' 

Sophie recently told News Corp that she believes that she has been unlucky in love because she had dated high-profile people like actors and rock stars, but that's not at all what I've been looking for,' she said.  

'I'm so lucky to do what I do...but the one thing you do sacrifice is a really healthy, good relationship. ‘’

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