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Bachelor Finale Is Going To Be The Most Awkward Moment EVER

There are only 3 girls left on The Bachelor, and according to a new report, the finale is going to be hectic.

Because, when Matty J proposed to the winner, he will be rejected.


NW magazine is claiming that the producers on the show were forced into "damage control" to ensure that Matty actually got his fairytale finish in the episode.

An alleged 'source' told NW that either Elise Stacy, 29, Laura Byrne, 31, or Tara Pavlovic, 27, turns down Matty's proposal because it was "too soon" to fully commit.

"It was brutal. She just stood there for a while before she started crying and told him that she couldn't say yes - not yet," the insider said.

"She was trying to be realistic about the whole thing. Think about it - up until the day before, he had three girlfriends!" 

"It was devastating because everyone wanted Matty to find true love. It's his biggest fear that he'll be single forever," they added. 

Despite avoiding the official commitment, the winner has insisted she is "100 percent in love" and wants to see their relationship work "in the real world".

According to the report, producers on the reality show "sprung into damage control" to re-edit the final episode so it didn't show Matty's 'second heartbreak'.

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