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The Bachelor Matty J Has Revealed He HATES One Thing

We are just four episodes in, and it looks like Matty J may have had enough already.

With a record amount of bitching going, he's claimed that it's been "disappointing" to watch it all unfold as he watches the show.

"Now that the show has ended, I feel like I’ve got a very accurate reading of people," the 30-year-old marketing manager told The Daily Telegraph.

Fans have been quick to label Leah Costa and Jennifer Hawke as this years ‘villains’ as they're often seen trying cause drama in the group.

"I knew there were friendships forming and I knew there were tensions forming between certain people, I just didn’t know the ins and outs," Matty said.

"That’s what I am discovering… It’s always disappointing to see a group of people not getting along."

While most of the bitching happens when he's not present, he did see some nastiness during the board games group date on Thursday.

"I was aware that someone could be on their best behaviour in front of me, but then who they were around others would be their true colours... now that the show has ended I feel like I’ve got a very accurate reading of people in the house, but at the time I had to give people the benefit of the doubt."

The Bachelor airs on Channel Ten.

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