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Bachelor's Tara Speaks Out About Matty J After Going Home

What a big night it was on the Bachelor last night.

Favourite Tara Pavlovic was given her marching orders by Matty J and at the time she was very teary, saying she was "heartbroken".

But, time seems to be a healer, with the rose-less Tara telling TV Week "I really couldn’t give a s*** about Matty!"

Moments before leaving Elise Stacey and Laura Byrne to compete for the final rose, Tara said she wanted to "be the last girl standing. I'm not ready to say goodbye to Matty."

"I was never in love with him, so I was fine as soon as I didn’t get a rose. Actually, he looked more upset than me!"

Following the rose ceremony, Matty told Tara she deserved "someone really amazing". 

Before her elimination, the nanny avoided the L-word, saying "I really, really like you" while her rivals openly declared their growing love for the reality star. 

Now, on the eve of the finale, Tara said Matty was "pretty easy to get over... I didn’t even think about him as soon as I left the mansion".

The Bachelor Finale airs tonight at 7.30pm on Channel Ten.

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