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The Checkout Has Been Axed, Internet Pulls Out Pitchforks

Consumer affairs show The Checkout has revealed that it’s been axed.

The show’s executive producer, Julian Morrow, described The Checkout as delivering “valuable consumer information in an entertaining way”, in a statement posted to social media on Friday.

While he cited budget cuts and high costs as the reasons the ABC wouldn’t continue with it, he took aim at the national broadcaster’s decision:

“It’s true The Checkout’s combination of thorough research and creative ways to present consumer information means it’s not as low cost as some other ABC programs,” the statement read.

But the cost of making The Checkout has not increased for two years, and the next series would have cost the same or less.

The Checkout was also slated for production in the current financial year, before the federal government’s freeze on ABC funding in July 2019.”

The backlash on social media has been swift.

A petition has already kicked off, you can check it out here.

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