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A 24-yo Blogger Graphically Documents Her Nose Job Online

For 24-year-old hairdresser, Rhiannon Langley, getting rhinoplasty done was always on her to-do list.

And the blogger isn't afraid of hiding her wishes on a topic that usually attracts a certain amount of stigma, in fact she's shared graphic images of her recent rhinoplasty surgery online.

Rhiannon tells her readers, "All you really see is an amazing before and after, no one really shows you what the in between is like, so I decided to share [my] photos and videos. I've never been a good liar, so I thought why the hell should I have to hide it or lie?"

Sharing her entire journey on her blog, Rhiannon didn't leave out any of the not-so-pleasant details, bruising, burst blood vessels and all.

See her journey below...


Straight out of surgery: "The day of surgery, I was freaking out. What I was about to do had hit me, I started doing the WHAT IFS, what if I regret it, what if I hate it, what if I have complications, I had a small sook and then got it together, everyone I know who's had surgery told me you do this, it’s a risk you're willing to take."


First day post-op: ""When I got straight out I only had small bruising and no pain, my surgeon told me everything went really well and to sleep upright but I was so out of it I kept sleeping on my side and turning over, I didn’t sleep well at all! I woke up so so swollen, burst a blood vessel in my eye from all the pressure and my left eye was almost closed over, my right was huge too, I took one look at myself and wanted to cry, I knew I would bruise but not this much, they gave me ice packs to help with the swelling. That day I got discharged, the nurses gave me 5 different tablets to take, think it was 2 antibiotics, 1 anti-inflammatory and 2 pain killers for the 7 days. I was so groggy and out of it for the day I just wanted to sleep, at one point I was vomiting, think it was the anesthetic wearing off and after that I just kept trying to sleep, I still hadn’t eaten much."


Day Three: "feeling horrible and so emotional, no pain just swollen, hungry and over it, sick of being in the room, sick of sleeping. Just having one of those days."


Day Four: "Woke up feeling so much better. My cheeks, lips & eyes have gone down, I completely open my eyes. We went to the hospital today for a checkup, everything is looking good and I am recovering well. Dr Montein took some stitches around the nostrils out today, it was like a sharp pinch but nothing overly painful. I can finally see the difference in shape on the tip! After seeing my surgeon, I met a girl in the hall way she also had DR. Montein as her surgeon, she told me she got her boobs and nose done at the same time! Her bruising wasn’t as bad as mine but she also said how she wasn’t in pain and felt amazing! It was so good seeing someone else going through the same process as I was."


Day Five: "Feeling really good again. Flushing regularly is helping me breathe through my nose. We spent most the day lying by the pool, (yes my face was covered) just another relaxing day. We also got a mani and pedi! My hairdresser nails were looking horrible from all the previous colour work so it was so nice to get pampered and its so ridiculously cheap. It was so nice to finally get out of the hotel and do something again! I also had my last session of laser done, every day I’m looking and feeling so much better and I’m starting to love myself more and more! There’s still no pain, just annoying sleeping upright pattern."

To read Rhiannon's full blog article, click here.

Rhiannon did make a full recovery, see her before and after photo below:


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