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Child's Father At Centre of Another Book Week Scandal

A photo of a young boy dressed up as troubled former AFL star Ben Cousins and mimicking his drug use for ‘book week’ has gone viral.

The child is pictured wearing a West Coast Eagles jumper and has white flour on his nose, was shared by his father.

In the seven hours that followed the post being shared to a ‘Ben Cousins’ fan page on Facebook, the photo had been commented on 8,100 times and has had over 17,000 likes.


It comes just a week after a similar snap of a child dressed up as current Eagles player Nic Naitanui made headlines as he had his face painted black to create a likeness to the player.

The father wrote on the Ben Cousin’s post 'Check out this little tacker dressing up as the champion AFL legend Ben Cousins for #BookWeek,' the fan page wrote alongside the post. 'Powdered nose the works, future All Australian right here.'

The photo shows the ‘young Ben Cousins’ with his eyes rolling back into his head, which is supposed to demonstrate the effect of drug use.

The child’s father told Daily Mail that he wants to people ‘lighten up’ and the kid doesn’t understand the meaning of the powder.

'To put all the butt hurt people at ease - he had no idea why he had flour on his nose, and I told him to act silly, and I got the pic,' the man wrote.

'It's a pi** take because of the Nic Nat issue - lighten up.'

He did not send his son to school dressed as Cousins, whose drug history is infamous, but said he did it for a laugh at home to highlight double standards with political correctness.

"Kids don't know, don't care about race or gender," he told Radio 6PR on Tuesday.

"People seem to think anything with drug use is hilarious, but we're quick to jump on someone who paints their kid black."

The father said he had not received backlash for depicting his son as Cousins, but hoped he had not brought on any problems for the former West Coast Eagles captain personally.

A Queensland mother also took to social media in support of the mother, sharing a photo of her Aboriginal daughter painted white to be a Dr Seuss character.

"I feel proud as a black woman that this little boy and his mum felt he is proud to colour himself black, and that being black is actually cool!" she wrote on Facebook.

"Not once did anyone say anything when I painted my black daughter white three years ago. We need to stop the double standards, a hero is a hero!"

Ben Cousins has a history of drug use and has been to rehabilitation facilities in both Australia and the United States.

AAP and Daily Mail

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