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Aussie Bull Rider Has Toe Cut Off To Replace Torn Off Thumb


In an amazing piece of modern medicine, 20-year-old bull rider Zac Mitchell who lost his thumb in a freak bull riding accident, has had his OWN TOE surgically removed and attached to his hand to replace the missing digit.

The young cattle worker had his thumb ripped off in a tussle with a bull was told the radical surgery was his best option to use his hand again.

After his entire thumb was ripped off when a bull kicked him, his quick thinking co-workers put his thumb among some cold beers to try and preserve it.

Mr Mitchell then wrapped his hand in a towel, took some strong painkillers and was driven 130km from the Falls Creek property to Horse Creek to receive medical attention

He was then flown to Perth where surgeons tried twice unsuccessfully attempted to reattach his thumb.

Mr Mitchell then went to Sydney where Dr Sean Nicklin suggested the drastic option of cutting off Mr Mitchell’s toe.


An X-ray of Zac's hand after losing his thumb, and with his toe now surgically attached

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph Mr Mitchell said: “I just wanted a plastic one, a prosthetic one and they talked me out of that. But they said we’ve got to cut your toe off … there wasn’t another option,”

Mr Mitchell said the loss of his big toe hasn't impacted on him walking.

“I haven’t fallen over anyway, I don’t think it’s had much of an effect on the balance,” he said.

He is expected to make a full recovery that will see him soon get back to his work as a ringer and incredibly, return to the saddle as a bull rider. 

Daily Telegraph

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