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Richie Strahan and Alex Nation Have Made The Next Big Step

It is the meeting that we have all been waiting for, and it’s finally happened.

Months after the filming had wrapped up on the Bachelor, we were still yet to see Richie Strahan meet Alex Nation’s young son, Elijah.

But, in an interview with TV Week, the couple have revealed the meeting has already occurred but in a less-than-conventional way.

The 25-year-old mother said of the meeting: "I swear to god my ovaries exploded, it was cute!"

However, the "cute" meeting didn’t happen face-to-face, as it instead occurred over FaceTime.

Alex then told the magazine they are still trying to figure out what the right time for Richie to meet her five-year-old in person is.

Richie said that he was "really excited" to chat with the youngster and has already become an instant hit with the kid.

The rope access technician said: "The little guy has me wrapped around his finger already, but I won’t tell him that!"

The reality stars also revealed they've started working on joint Christmas plans, and alluded that Richie would be buying little Elijah a present.

It's still unclear whether their plans for the day will include the youngster.


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