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Bachelor Winner Alex Nation's Husband Speaks Out

The Bachelor winner Alex Nation has faced a large amount of public backlash over her parenting since winning Richie Strahan’s heart last month.

And now her ex-husband Joel Porter has broken his silence over the ordeal, as well as opening up about being pushed into the public eye.

The father of the model’s five-year-old son, Elijah, said on his Instagram that the last few weeks had been an ‘’interesting and confusing, at times frustrating experience for all of us.' 

He then replied to a comment from a follower, who asked about his sister’s latest social media outburst towards Alex, saying it was in the best interests of his son.

'He has lots of love around him,' he said, adding: 'Kim has been there to help and look after my little guy many times over his life, as the family does. 

'They have an amazing bond...Most of the world plays in the realm of social media and to express ourselves, whether it happiness or sadness, excitement or frustration, it's a way people express how they see the world around them.'

Joel goes on to tell his social media followers that he and his family do not want to be thrown into ‘fame’ and just want to live a happy life.

'Fame isn't what any of us want...I just want everyone to be happy, I want what's best for everyone, and I just want to protect and look after my little boy. He's number one,' he ended. 

The comments come after Joel’s sister Kimberley Grace took a swipe at Alex’s parenting on social media saying ‘’am so relieved my nephew finally has a loving, attentive, maternal figure at home,' she began her cryptic comment.  

Moments like this 😍🙌🏻

A photo posted by Richie Strahan (@richie_strahan) on

'That kid has a fiercely protective family, & someone insincere would never get our tick of approval.

'We are the hardest nuts to crack. We know & love you, Ash... You know you're in the circle of trust.'

Alex and Joel were briefly married after she gave birth to their son Elijah in 2011 but broke up two years ago.

Meanwhile, Alex has responded to fans' accusations that Ashy has taken on a 'stepmother' role to Elijah since her rise to TV fame.

'My little boy is everything to me,' she said last month. 'I know who I am and I know what kind of mother I am so (critics) don't bother me.'  

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