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Barry Du Bois Reveals He Had A Potentially Deadly Infection

Image: StellarMag

The Living Room host Barry Du Bois has told New Idea 'I'm not ready to die' after a recent scare while he deals with his second cancer diagnosis.

Barry recently survived a 'double lethal dose' of chemotherapy after dozens of tumours had spread to his pelvis and spine.

He also spoke of how he is battling for his five-year-old twins Bennet and Arabella as well as his wife, Leonie.

'S*** no, I don’t want to go. But let’s not kid ourselves. I don’t think I’m dying,'

'None of us gets out of here alive, but I don’t think I’m going to die. I believe in myself and I will instill in my children the same self-belief.'

Barry also revealed that back in February after contracting tinea - the fungal infection also known as 'athlete's foot' he had to receive emergency care at Sydney's St Vincent's hospital.

'I thought I was gone,'

'It was the dumbest thing. A bit of tinea between my toes had caused an infection that could’ve hit me in the heart.'

Barry recently returned to The Living Room and admitted he was fearful following his second diagnosis saying, 'I don't like to admit this, but I was scared this time 'round.'

The 57 year old spoke about his new book, co-written with Miguel Maestre called Life Force: An Unforgettable Story of Living with Cancer.

'Everybody’s cancer journey is personal to them, what I’m doing is sharing what has worked for me and hopefully it will help other people out there.'

'(In Life Force) I wanted to get down some of the life lessons that I've learned and also combine that with great information that we're privy to.'

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