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Boy Noticed By Metallica’s James Hetfield Is EVERYTHING

Emotions, they’re one hell of a drug.

Case and point is this vid that’s doing the rounds.

Considering the boy’s flag and the fact that ‘Ecstasy of Gold’ is playing (the Ennio Morricone classic that usually precedes their gigs) in the background, we’re going to assume this is the moment before Metallica took to the stage in Britain.

The boy is standing with his dad holding the Metallica-inspired Union Jack as, one by one. band members run past to the stage.

All of a sudden, the boy spots the bloke he’s come to see: Metallica frontman, James Hetfield.

He and his dad both call out to James, and while you can’t see James’ face, you can see that he pauses and acknowledges the pair.

The boy was instantly overwhelmed.

Just watch the video, it's everything. 


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