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Brisbane Police Find Baby Koala During Routine Bag Search

It was an interesting call out for Brisbane Police Officers last night. 

At approximately 8:55pm the Upper Mount Gravatt Tactical Crime Squad stopped a woman on Newnham Road, Wishart as part of their patrolling duties. 

The 50-year-old East Brisbane woman was subsequently arrested on outstanding matters - but before she was taken away, something unexpected happened. 

When asked if she had anything to declare, the woman handed over a green canvas bag that was zipped closed, claiming she had been caring for a baby koala. 

She wasn't joking. 


When the officers unzipped the bag, they found a (very cute) six month old koala! 

The woman had allegedly found the joey on Kessels Road the previous day and had been looking after the little fella. 


The RSPCA Ambulance came to pick up the animal - koalas are protected under the Nature Conservation Act - who was slightly dehydrated. 

The koala, who has since been named Alfred, was taken away and will now go out to a licenced carer. 


But the RSPCA is urging that if anyone else sees a lost or injured koala in their travels not to handle it, instead the best way to go is to call the RSPCA animal emergency hotline on  1300 ANIMAL. 

Let's hope Alfred gets all the care he needs to be released into the wild! 


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