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BTS Polaroids Reveal The Nanny's Fashion Secrets

During it's hugely popular run on TV, The Nanny was a favourite for fans young and old alike. 

When we weren't busy wishing that Fran and Mr Sheffield would finally hook up, or laughing at Niles making fun of C.C. we were LOVING the fashion worn by Fran Drescher!

Now, the woman who was in charge of the show's wardrobe has released some amazing polaroids from the set that show how she got her inspiration! 


Brenda Cooper was the show's Emmy Award winning costume designer during it's run from 1993 to 1998 and she recently explained how she had the budget to include clothes from Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Azzedine Alaia, Todd Oldham and Anna Sui. 


Speaking to ID Cooper explained that "I love fashion, Fran loves fashion, we love style, so it evolved without really thinking about it."


"I didn't really follow anything at the time. I just know what I like, and then I do what I like.

[Working on the show] I was in Beverly Hills and I did have a budget, so I'd go shopping and see pieces that were incredible."


"I had a garment I'd taken off the show that I'd worked on recently, a Moschino vest, I looked at it and I thought, this is something that I want to do.

I love colour and I love boldness, and that vest was the inspiration for the whole show" 


"This was a copy of a very expensive Hervé Léger dress. About $10,000 if I remember correctly. [First] they lent it to me, but then I needed it back a few months later to shoot something else and couldn't get it; so I had create a copy. This was the copy, I used neoprene which was not widely used back then to copy the elasticity of the Hervé Léger dress,"



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