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Busted! Instagram Stories Could Get You In A LOT Of Trouble

The internet is a MINEFIELD, you guys; between accidentally double-tapping that Tinder dude's Christmas photo from two years ago to tagging yourself in one of your ex's new girlfriend's Facebook photos without realising, it is preeetttyy easy to give yourself away as a class A social media stalker.

But at least you used to be able to scroll Instagram without the person you were creeping on knowing - as long as you kept a close on on what your thumbs were doing. 

Not anymore. You know those Instagram stories everyone is now obsessed with?

Well just like Snapchat, you can check and see who has been a-peepin' on your story.



Of course it works the other way, too, and you can keep an eye on how many of your fans are following your every move; go to your own story and swipe up to see who's been viewing - and how many times they've viewed - that award-worthy piece of cinematography you uploaded.  

People are not dealing with the news very well.

Stay safe out there guys. 

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