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Spot Why This Photo Has Sent The Internet Into Meltdown?

When you look at this image, it seems so innocent. It’s a hot day and the three girls are shopping in their bikinis in a newsagent.

But look closer.

One of the girls has accessorised her beach look, with an ankle monitor.

Eagle-eyed Imgur user Jar Jar Drinks uploaded the photo to the social media site saying ‘’Nothing adds to your summer look like a court-ordered ankle monitor…’’

The photo has been viewed over 100,000 times already and has hundreds of comments including one saying ‘’'It's quite nice that despite having made mistake & getting punished that person is trying to enjoy the summer,'

Another said ‘’thanks for pointing that out. I would say 90 percent of us were not looking at her ankles,' added Spookyactionman.

And Elbart wrote: 'That thing covers almost more skin than her bikini.'

There has been no response from the girls in the photo, but we reckon good on her for trying to have fun even though she may have done something wrong in the past.

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