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Chick Finds Out Her New Co-Worker Is Dating Her Boyfriend

Once upon a time, before the invention of the internet, it was probably a whole lot easier for people to get away with running multiple relationships.

Unfortunately now you've got to deal with Facebook stalking, having your Tinder profile show up to anyone in an immediate radius and, as in the following case of pure and utter savagery, Instagram.

It all started when Ayana, a self-professed "everything diva", met her new co-worker and bonded with her over their shared taste in men.

Except neither of them realised how much they actually shared - namely, Ayana's boyfriend.

Thankfully Ayana has documented the whole, jaw-dropping ordeal on Twitter so settle in, grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride your new hero is about to take you on.

Instead of flipping out like we would might have, Ayana immediately came up with a plan so ingenious, it deserves an award.

Except there's another plot twist; as Ayana is pulling into her complex, her co-worker drops the bombshell that they're actually neighbours.

So Ayana and her unnamed co-worker head into the house, one of them knowing shit is about to hit the fan and the other having absolutely no idea.

According to Ayana, her new/ ex-friend called her out for keeping her in the dark and stormed off while Ayana well and truly dumped her boyfriend's ass.

Thankfully Ayana and her sister-wife have since made up, which just really rounds up the John Tucker Must Die narrative.

Bye Felicia.

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