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Dash cam captures moment truck takes out car in Brisbane

A dash cam video has captured the heart-stopping moment a truck took out a car on the Gateway Motorway in Brisbane.

The footage shows the truck hit the car while changing lanes.

The blue car then spins out of control across three lanes where it is hit by a tow truck carrying a scissor lift.


Shared on the Dash Cam Owners Australia page the footage was taken by a car travelling behind the vehicles.

Writing on the Facebook page, the dash cam owner, Anthony, said the car was in the blindspot of the truck.

“The semi driver did stop and walked/ran back to the scene to check on the welfare of the lady driver,” he said of the footage.

“He stayed with her until emergency services arrived to make sure she was okay.”

He went on to say it was “one of those unfortunate things that happens” although it was probably avoidable.

According to Anthony, the lady driving the blue truck was okay, but visibly shocked.

He also encouraged drivers to slow down or stop for a few seconds when an accident like this occurs to allow the carnage to settle.

“People were buzzing by as we were trying to get a handle on the situation which was a little bit annoying/dangerous,” he shared.

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