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The ONE Sign That You Need To Bail On Your Relationship

One relationship expert has revealed the number one thing to look out for when considering how healthy your relationship is - and it might surprise you.

According to James Preece, thinking about what it might be like to date someone else should send alarm bells ringing.

"If you keep wondering what it might be like to date someone else then it's time to get out," he said. "While it's fine to have the odd fantasy about a celebrity, if you keep looking around at other people all the time, then you have to question why."


Things to look out for, James continued, are being a little too interested in dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, feeling like you're missing out on your single friends' adventures or giving people on your daily commute the eye.

"All these are massive warning signs that something is wrong with your relationship," the dating guru explained. "if you are thinking more and more about people that aren't your partner, it's almost always because you are bored.

"Once that starts to happen, the magic can quickly fade and you'll stop putting in the effort to make things work."


So what to do if your head has already been turned?

"Talk to [your partner] about it before you start talking to someone new," James advised. "Just remember, it's better to get out of a dead-end relationship than stay with someone just for the sake of it."

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