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‘Dead’ Man Wakes Up Just Before Being Buried Alive

We've probably all had that nightmare where you accidentally wind up getting buried alive. And well, for this one in Peru, this nightmare became a reality as he was mistakenly pronounced dead and was almost buried in a coffin!!

It literally makes us feel sick and claustrophobic just thinking about it!

Apparently, Franklin Mandujano Doroteo was heavily sedated after being given medication at the Contingency Hospital of Tingo Maria when doctors suspected that he had died.

The 24-year-old was then taken to an undertaker where they began preparing him for burial and placed him in a coffin.

It wasn't until this point that one of the undertakers realised that he was actually breathing and therefore alive!

They rushed him straight back to the hospital, but unfortunately Doroteo was actually pronounced dead for a second time soon after.

It is not yet known if the negligence of doctors and lack of treatment caused his actual death but his family are now getting the police involved to undergo an investigation into the matter.

Doroteo was suffering from a fever after getting dental work done and it is believed that he was given a sedative to help bring his temperature down.

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