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Deadly Red Bellied Black Snake Hitches Ride On Bloke's Ute

When driving in our cars, apart from dealing with the odd squashed bug on the windshield, most of us living in bigger cities don't usually have to contend with animals that will cause us any real worry.

Drivers in regional Australia may have to keep an eye out for kangaroos or even wombats, but one motorist at Eden in the New South Wales south coast got the shock of his life yesterday when he noticed a snake wrapped around his driver-side mirror!

And not just any snake, but a potentially lethal red-bellied black snake!

Ted Ogier was driving along the highway to Pambula from Eden after making a delivery in his work vehicle when the sneaky hitch-hiker dropped on to his windscreen from the car's roof.

After several attempts to enter the vehicle, the reptile tried to gain entry through the driver's window.

Mr Ogier eventually pulled over and rang his manager, Kai Pearse, for help.

When Mr Pearse arrived he found the snake on the roof of the vehicle, which he claims to be between 2 and 2.5 metres long.

After some careful manoeuvring, the snake was eventually moved on with a broom before it slithered safely into a nearby paddock.

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