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Disturbing Chinese Note Found In A Pair Of Socks Goes Viral

A note allegedly found within a pair of Primark socks is going viral online after a reported translation suggested serious human rights abuse in China.

Lucy Kirk shared the note her Dad found in socks he purchased in Huddersfield on social media. 

After asking for help online, the note was translated and a disturbing story emerged regarding a 34-year-old man in China called Ting Kun Ding. 

According to the translation, Ting Kun Ding attempted to report corrupt government officials but was then imprisoned for 'blackmail'. 

He then goes on to say how he and his wife were tortured, with his wife forced into a mental institution and his father being killed in May 2014. 

The hashtag #HelpTingKunDing has gone viral on twitter. 

Primark are also using social media to help with the investigation. 

Lucy has since spoken about what she's been advised to do with the letter.  She said "I've been advised to go to the Chinese embassy but the note specifically said to go straight to the media and the Chinese government, so I'd like to stick by the request really, out of respect. 

This is not the first time a note has made it's way into the products of the low cost store's clothing. 

Source: Unilad

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